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Collaboration Exemplar: Rural Students Learning American Sign Language (ASL)

Many caring and passionate people across the state are working to support Colorado’s students, but despite their best efforts, may struggle to reach those in need of their services in rural communities.  Through partnership with CDLS, a grantee of Colorado Empowered Learning, CSDB was able to address this challenge through the use of digital learning techniques.

Case Study: Effective Planning to Promote Technology-Enabled Learning

To get the full benefit of technology investments, districts need to go through careful planning, hire dedicated staff, and obtain community support.  Cañon City Schools did the up front work required to both acquire its Mill Levy and bond as well as make sure that both were used effectively, partnering with community and bringing in experienced practitioners to inform its work.

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CEL March 2019 Annual Report Released

Each year we prepare an annual report for members of the House and Senate Education Committees, Members of the Joint Budget Committee, Members of the State Board of Education, the Colorado Department of Education Commissioner, and other interested stakeholders articulating the progress and impact of the program.  The link to our newly released 2019 report is below.  We are incredibly proud of all we have achieved to date and look forward to continuing to further our mission in the years to come.

Case Study: Co-Teaching Across Geography & ICAP Support

A case study from Dove Creek shows how allowing a local teacher to co-teach a course with a virtual teacher in core subject matter areas can ensure that student needs are met in regions where a teacher shortage would otherwise limit student opportunities. Similarly, guidance counselors who might otherwise struggle to find students learning opportunities that support their Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) can leverage supplemental courses with virtual teachers to create these opportunities.

Request for Solutions Released

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Consistent with legislative guidelines, CEL currently has an open request for solutions for non-profit organizations interested in offering services under the program.