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Case Studies

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Colorado Empowered Learning recognizes that educators across the state are combining technology with strong instructional practices and student centered learning to drive outcomes. We have selected and supplied funding to non-profit providers, Colorado Digital Learning Solutions and iLearn Collaborative, so that they may look for opportunities to elevate this great work through collaboration and the sharing of expertise. CEL case studies capture bright spots across the state and are designed to provide enough context to help you determine whether a particular strategy would be useful in your classroom, school, district, or network as well as offer the concrete resources you would need to replicate the strategy, including both those supported by the state under Colorado Empowered Learning, as well as others identified by your educator peers.

CEL\'s work is all designed to support Colorado's Blended Learning Roadmap. As you work to enhance learning for your students, if there are additional implementation supports you would like to see, please Contact Us. Your feedback and perspective helps to drive all that we do.

Explore CEL Case Studies:

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