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Colorado Empowered Learning recognizes that teachers care deeply about their students and want more than anything to find ways to excite and engage them.

For this reason, the program supports professional development designed to support teachers in integrating their instructional practices with student-centered learning techniques enabled by technology.  Educators pay only $25 per educator per course for up to 700 enrollments per year.

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Our Professional Development programs are built by educators for educators

The one-on-one support that educators need, when they need it, combined with the structure that allows new skills and competencies to be recognized and rewarded

  • Programs are designed to be completed in 3 weeks and are worth 15-clock hours towards re-certification, with most eligible for college credit.

  • Programs are facilitated by experienced blended and personalized learning practitioners, who offer one-on-one virtual coaching that is supported by digital content focused on specific problems of practice and rigorous project-based work

  • Learning progressions through programs guide educators through personalized pathways from introductory through advanced levels of knowledge and experience, meeting the instructional needs of participants

  • Participants receive real-time support and can control when and what to learn, contacting facilitators via phone, email and text, and accessing digital content and learning communities 24/7

  • Educators earn micro-credentials toward a Blended Learning certification, which is received after the successful completion of 6 programs

  • Programs can be delivered through the same Learning Management System utilized by students, modeling how to deliver an engaging experience


The program delivery and design models the instructional practices we are teaching, allowing enrollees to experience what it is like to be a blended, personalized learning student


Colorado Empowered Learning is proud to partner with iLearn Collaborative to deliver these services.

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