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Supplemental Courses

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Colorado Empowered Learning wants to ensure that all students across the state have access to the same high quality learning materials, the most up-to-date and relevant content, and a certified teacher.  For this reason, the program supports access to rigorous, supplemental course offerings for middle and high school that can be used to support credit enhancement, advancement, or recovery needs as well as scheduling flexibility.

$135 for core courses. 

Over 200 courses and counting to choose from:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • AP Classes
  • Career / Technical Ed
  • Electives
  • Marine Science
  • Aviation Sciences

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Small and Rural District Use Cases

Custer County Schools, Westcliffe (SCBOCES) 

Custer County Schools has used courses provided through the state supplemental program for several years but in 2017-18, Custer County will launch a new effort to expand program use. They have established a distance learning lab where students can participate throughout the day in supplementary courses through CDLS. They have taken the added step to require that all students take the online Personal Finance course as a graduation requirement.  Custer County High School is also identifying additional elective courses that students can take as part of their program.  As part of this effort, Custer County has hired a well-qualified para-professional to monitor and support students in the distance learning lab as well as work with CDLS staff to train both the para and the high school counselor and other staff on how to monitor student progress as they work in the online courses.  Superintendent Mark Payler said “We want to prepare our students to be successful in working in online courses and expand our ability to offer them high quality courses that we cannot support locally with the funding and instructor shortages we face today.  This program offers us a great option and opportunity to support our students locally.” 

Pawnee School District (Centennial BOCES) 

In the Pawnee School District, the superintendent (and principal) and former science teacher, works in partnership with the CDLS online instructor so Pawnee high school students can take physics and chemistry.  This “blended” support in the school and online allows students in a district with less than 30 students in grades 9-12 to have access to courses and opportunities their district would normally find hard to support based on the teacher shortage and budget constraints.  Pawnee Superintendent Bret Robinson states that “the quality, flexibility, and rigor of the CDLS courses exceed other programs we have used and the overall value for the cost of the program has exceeded our expectations.” 

Dolores County RE-2J (Dove Creek) 

Dove Creek is a small rural district with 250 students K-12 that in the fall of 2018 partnered with CDLS to use a “hybrid” model of the supplemental program to enroll all their high school students and many of their middle school students in CDLS math courses.  The two (2) Dove Creek math teachers are “co-teaching” with the CDLS “online” teacher using the online course content. This model has relieved the local teachers of some of the pressure to prepare for 6-8 preps each day and allows students to receive online and in class support. 


Colorado Empowered Learning is proud to partner with Colorado Digital Learning Services to deliver these services.

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